Trademark search in Vietnam

Before applying trademark application to National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). You should conduct a trademark search.

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A trademark basic search is conducted in the database of National Office of Property of Vietnam. The search determines whether a proposed trademark is available for use in connection with certain goods or services. In the trademark search in Vietnam similar word marks as well as phonetically similar names in a specific class can be comprehensively searched.

A comprehensively searched is conducted by examiner with the updated database and the result have his professional opinion.

How long does it take to conduct a trademark search in Vietnam

+ Basic search: 1 working days

+ Comprehensively search: 2-3 working days.

Option 1: Online database of NOIP VIETNAM  (you can view this reference video)

Option 2: Asian TM View Database

Option 3: Global trademark database (Wipo)

Option 4: We are free to conduct a basic trademark search: email:

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