Important Frequently Asked Questions of trademark registration in Vietnam

What are required documents for registering trademark in Vietnam ?

The applicant have to prepare the bellow documents:
– Sample of trademark (Soft copy sent by email)
– Name and address of Applicant.
– List of goods/services which are bearing the trademark.
– The Power of Attorney.
– Priority claim and priority documents (if any)

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How long does it take for registering trademark in Vietnam?

It often takes 14 to 18 months from filing date. The application will be pass 04 stages:
– Stage 1: Formal examination.
– Stage 2: Publication and opposition.
– Stage 3: Substantive Examination.
– Stage 4: Granting.

How much does it cost for registering trademark in Vietnam?

The total cost for registering a trademark for one class in Vietnam (in a smooth case) is 135 USD (include official fees and professional fees).

Could a foreign organizations and individuals file trademark application in Vietnam by themselves ?

No. They can not.
They must file the trademark application through their lawful representatives in Vietnam by POA (Power of Attorney).

Is trademark search required before filing ?

No, it optional.
Conduction a trademark search before filing trademark application in Vietnam will help you determine whether your trademark is registrable and whether your trademark infringes on other filed trademark application.Trademark-search-in-vietnam-optional

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