Copyright registration in Vietnam

Copyright registration in Vietnam. Recently, the number of copyright infringement is increasing, which show the importance of copyright registration. Normally, the procedure of copyright registration is applied for the following works: Literary works, Musical works; Architectural works;

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In order to register copyright, you need to prepare 06 following documents:

#1 Works sample

  • In case of the literary works, it should be prepared as a book and signed by the author.
  • If it is a computer software, it is necessary to print code and the interface of the software, and record them on the CD.
  • With a musical works, it is necessary to print the lyrics of the music.
  • Other works will have their own requirements, please contact our email for instructions.

#2. Name and address of the author.

#3. Name and address of the owner

            Note: In case the author and owner are not the same, it is necessary to provide an agreement to avoid further infringement.

#4. Undertaking letter (based on sample)

A document in which the author undertakes that he is independent of creation and does not copy the work of another person or organization.

#5. Decision of task assignment (based on sample)

A document showing that the author – the person who directly created the work – is based on the assigned task (the assignee can go to the agency or organization the author is working or working with

#6. Power of attorney (based on sample)


The copyright dosser need to be made in 02 versions and submitted to one of the following addresses:

  • The Vietnam Copyright Office
  • Send by email:
  • Send to the address of KDL LAW by courier.
  • Other agent of the Copyright Office

Because KDL LAW is an authorized agent of the Copyright Office, therefore KDL LAW may represent the client to register copyright.

The fee for copyright registration shall depend on the types of work:

  • Literary works: 100.000 VND
  • Architectural works: 300,000 VND.
  • Art works: 400,000 VND
  • Stage works; Cinematographic works: 500,000 VND
  • Copyright software: 600.000 VND.

* The above is the official fee for copyright registration, which not include the fee for printing documents, other works… Please contact 09 22 77 2222 for more detail.

Within 15 working days of submitting dossier, the Copyright Office shall return the result of registration:

  • The notification of granting certificate and paying fee
  • The notification of refusal

In case of refusal, based on the notification of the Copyright Office, the applicant shall reply or add documents,…


  • KDL LAW is the authorized agent of the Copyright Office
  • KDL LAW is authorized to submit applications, track submissions, receive and respond to notices from the Copyright Office on behalf of authors.
  • Successfully register more than 1000+ works of all kinds.
  • Only one-time fee and not incur.
  • Commit the time to do the work.
  • Advice on the content of the work (Free) so that the work can be awarded the highest possibility of granting certificate.
  • Free lifetime consultation on copyright infringement issues.


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