Copyright registration for a book in USA

Copyright registration for a book in USA
How to register a copyright for a book in USA? What are required document of registering copyright in The United States of America. How much does it cost of filing an copyright registration application in USA?

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Work Fee (USD) Required document and information Requirement of the work
Official filing fee Attorney’s fee
Book copyrights registration – $45 Single Application (single author, same claimant, one work, not for hire)  Email us -The title of the work
-The year the work was completed
-The date and nation of first publication, if the work has been published when the application is submitted
-The name of the author or author(s), unless the work is anonymous or pseudonymous
-If the work is a work made for hire,* a statement to this effect
-The name and address of the claimant(s)
-If the claimant is not the author,* a brief statement explaining how the claimant obtained ownership of the copyright
-A description of the work being submitted for registration-
A statement describing any preexisting material contained in the work being submitted for registration
-The name of the individual certifying the facts provided in the application
The applicant may submit the work by electronic copy or hard copy.
You must mail hard copies of your work if it meets both of the following criteria:
– Your work is published in a hard copy format; and
– You are required to submit the “best edition” of the work OR you are required to submit the work as first published.
Best edition requirement:
If your work was first published outside the United States, you may submit the work either as first published or the best edition.

$65 Standard Application (all other filings)


– $125 if submitted on paper


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