Litigation Debt Recovery In Vietnam Ans Law

Litigation debt recovery in Vietnam

It is inevitable that when enterprises performing business activities will arise debts. In fact, When giving loans and debts are late to be paid, enterprises must perform debt recovery. There are three common methods of debt collection: mediation,
Ans Law Debt Collection Lawyer In Vietnam

Debt collection lawyer in Vietnam

It is a common understanding that chasing overdue debts or payment is really challenging and frustrating. There are so many cases in which debtors try to hide their assets, ignore payment obligation, or use other ways to avoid paying debts. Thus,
How To Collect Your Debt In Vietnam

How to collect your debt in Vietnam

How to collect the debt in Vietnam is one of the issues that many people are concerned about. When a debt is due, creditors can use methods such as mailing a collection letter including agreed terms and payment methods; using debt collection
Corporate Income Tax In Vietnam

Notes on Corporate Income Tax in Vietnam

Notes on Corporate Income Tax in Vietnam. Profit tax is a direct tax, collected based on the final results of production and business activities of an organization or enterprise. Legal documents Corporate income tax law Decree
Preferential Tax Rates In Vietnam.

Preferential tax rates in Vietnam

in Vientam, the Corporeate income tax will be applied from 0% to 20%. How is Preferential tax rates in Vietnam ? How to file an application for CIT incentives ? 10% rate for 15 years is applied to: a) Incomes of the enterprise from